Are you buying your man a gift or are you looking for a suitable wedding band or engagement ring? If this is your first time to shop for men’s rings then you need to watch out for the 3 important things to look for when buying men’s rings as well as men’s jewelry.

1. His ring size — his ring size is the most obvious factor that you need to know before you hunt for the most suitable ring as a gift or as wedding or engagement jewelry. If you are planning to give this ring as a surprise then you may use rings that he has worn before as a basis of his measurement or you may think of an unsuspecting reason to get him to remove the ring that he is wearing for an accurate fit. Slide this ring to a candle until the ring stops; now you have the perfect finger mold.

If this ring is not a present (e.g. a wedding band or an engagement band) then take a piece of string and wrap it around his finger for a precise measure. Jewelers also recommend that ring size measurements be taken at night so that the hands are at their ideal size.

2. His style — if your man is very particular about fashion and the kind of jewelry that he wears, then you better be aware of what style of men’s ring he prefers. There are so many ring styles to choose from, like Celtic rings, tribal rings, classic patterns, rings with precious stone, commitment rings, Claddagh rings and so many more. If you are planning this ring to be a present then you can find hints on the clothes he wears or the color that he prefers. There are also men’s rings made according to their birthstones, which is popular for men with any type of taste or style.

3. Material of the ring — aside from your man’s personal preferences and his ring size, another important factor is the material of the ring that you would like to buy. Of course you need to purchase the most durable, as well as the most stylish, material and make sure it’s a high-quality ring material. Gold and silver are still long standing standards of quality and style, but may scratch easily and fade when used every day. 

The most popular and certainly the most durable materials that you may want to consider are titanium, tungsten, platinum and palladium. Aside from the strength of these metals, these are also very attractive and stylish to wear. These metals are so strong that they can be wielded in the most exquisite ring styles while retaining their scratch-free and metallic shine.

For the best help in shopping for men’s rings, secure the help of a jeweler. He will advise you on the ideal way to shop for rings, as well as how warranties and maintenance are important in purchasing authentic and expensive men’s jewelry.

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