In the world of weddings, brides and grooms have so much planning to do! Bridal hairstyles may not always be a top priority, but hair styles for weddings do not have to be a point of stress or contention in the world of planning and brainstorming over your special day plans. Here, we have compiled ten of the most perfect wedding day hairstyles with half up half down wedding hairdos that are simple, gorgeous, and beautiful. They are functional for both short and long hair, but can also be fancy and formal enough for the occasion as special as a wedding day! We have compiled some of the most beautiful hairstyles for weddings here, so you can peruse them carefully and choose the one that fits you and the theme of your ever so special day perfectly. They range for any hair color, length, and texture. The beauty of these styles is that some of them are ones that you could easily do for yourself at home with tools and instruments that you already have. However, if you feel like treating yourself and having the best of the best hair for your wedding, you can work with the talented employees at your local salon and have them help you achieve the perfect style. These half up half down styles are just a few of the available options for your special day, and we hope you will choose one of these amazing styles. 

1. Curly Ends With A Twist

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These loose curls are paired perfectly with a small twist back into some of the curls pinned up along with it. This is perfect for any color or texture of medium long to long length hair. It is okay if your hair doesn’t hold curl perfectly, as this look is meant to be soft and loosely curly, as opposed to tight ringlets. There is just enough volume through the slight teasing at the crown, and the twist back into the slight pull-through of curls. You could dress up this look even further with some fancy beads, pins, or hair clips. A headband coordinated with the dress would also be a lovely touch when tucked behind the ears and combined with this look. 

2. Tight Curls and Twists

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This super curly look is a combination of the tightest curls and the chicest and sleekest twists. This style works well with longer hair that holds curl exceptionally well, as the smooth teased crown area cascades beautifully into two layered perfect twists and a waterfall of separated ringlets. You could add a crown or beads or sparkly clips to the twists to beautify this look even further. This style is veil-friendly as it will interact well with the twists and it will cover and protect the curls. This richly elegant and curly look is beautiful and chic, and could be the one for your incredibly special day. 

3. Soft and Wavy With Pinned Twists

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This look is definitely more compatible with hair on the straight end of the spectrum that does well with waves. You would simply need to curl your hair and brush it out to create the perfect waves, and tightly twist two pieces back behind the ears. The pieces should meet at almost the nape of your neck and be pinned there. This works for those of you who wish to have your veil situated a little bit lower than traditionally. You could even implement this style with completely straight hair or wildly curly hair. The twists could be substituted for braids such as traditional braids, french braids, or mini fishtail braids. As always, beads or clips or some cute pins could accessorize the style. 

4. Tying The Boho Knot

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Are you having a hipster/bohemian style, possibly outdoor, laid back wedding? This is the perfect style for you. Younger brides these days are going for more simple and relaxed days of matrimony, and a simpler dress could be matched perfectly with this elegant knot. Whimsy and simple, polished touches can be added to this look with simple and tiny vines or white flowers intertwined with the knot. Simple and pretty pins, bows, clips, or headbands can accentuate the chic touches of your special day with minimal grandeur so as to remain understated, but still appreciated through simplicity. If you’re in the market for a neat and simple look, this is the one for you. 

5. Bounce and Braids

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In the plethora of hairstyles for weddings, there are so many options that forget that two of the most beautiful elements you can include are braids and beautiful, bouncy curls. Well, this graceful style includes both! With a voluminous, teased crown, two mini braids and swept back bangs conjoin beautifully in the middle of the back of the head with some sweet flower clips. These clips can be used to make other elements of the wedding pop, and beautify a simple veil. Flowing from the flower clips are oodles of perfectly rounded curls that can be kept to the back of the style or swept over the shoulder for added grace. This beautiful style is tops on the list of romantic styles and could be the one for you! 

6. Twisty Bliss

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Holy gorgeous! This incredible side hairstyle incorporates curls, twists, and loose braids to the max! This look would be perfect for an outdoor, evening wedding with the candles all aglow and white lilies everywhere. The springy, rich curls are preceded by a few twists transcending into an extremely loose braid. The braid and curls just melt together simply and beautifully. This photo shows long side-swept bangs, but it could work with or without them, and perhaps some even shorter. The curls could be beaded, clipped, or pinned beautifully. A headband could be added in the braid behind the bangs for an extra sweet touch. 

7. Fishtail Fairytale

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If your hair is on the straighter side and you’re an advocate of crown braids, this is the bridal hairstyle for you! This look is perfectly tousled with an ever so slight amount of waviness in the long bangs and flowing hair down the back. Beginning at the top and snaking down to the nape of the neck is a gorgeous, full pulled out braid. It starts small but still voluminous and becomes more bodied and feathered out the further it goes, giving off a Bohemian feel and still extremely graceful and refined look. An interesting touch that could be added to this braid is replacing one of the braids with a strand of flowers for an extra earthy feel, or adding flower clips or simple beads. This simple look is dressed up enough for the wedding ceremony, but laid back enough to dance the night away at the reception. 

8. Va Va Volume

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This look is probably one of the simplest as far as hairstyles for wedding, but still wholly beautiful and equally romantic. It is simply springy and full of flowing curls, and the top is teased fully with the bangs being twisted away from the face and back to frame the full bodied half of the hair that was pulled up. You could even use this look on straight hair to accentuate the twist in the front, and incorporate and braid or two for added elegance and luxuriance. You could also forego the twists and replace it with a braid, or add in some cute clips and pins for an extra touch of glam and pop of glitz. This could be the style for you! 

9. Breezy Beauty 

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A style specialized for short hair, this look is extremely curly and focused to the side. The hair is all curled into ringlets originally and brushed out for a more understated look. Then, half of the hair is swept back to the side and joined with a glorious, pearly, sparkly feather clip. This look could be done up with a few braids or a different type of clip or pin. If you do not wish to use a clip, you could implement a headband or even leave your bangs out to frame your face and accentuate the dress and jewelry. This could be a perfect style in a country chic wedding or even in any wedding for the bridesmaids. This could be the style for you if you’re looking for a simply beautiful look that you could do yourself and accessorize appropriately according to your wedding. 

10. Whimsical Braids and Simple Curls 

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This is a gorgeous style appropriate for long hair that you might not always know how to utilize or handle! These lovely locks are braided through the top half and curled with just a slight wave down the back. The braids at the top are traditional, regular braids and they lead down into fishtail braids tied off with extra tresses of hair. The waves follow and you could incorporate an endless group of possibilities through flowers, braids, pins, clips, and possible headbands. You could use this style on this texture of hair, straight hair, or tightly curled hair. That’s the beauty of including braids in your style, and they cooperate well with anyone and take up a good quantity of hair. This could be the perfect style for a spring outdoor wedding, and would look beautiful with some tiny white flowers interspersed through it. 

There you have it! The best of the best in half up half down wedding hairdos. These hair styles for wedding are absolutely beautiful and anyone can find one suitable here. Know of any amazing styles you didn’t see here? Share them with us or how you fare with one of these styles on your special day in the comments! Cheers to great wedding day hair and many years to follow full of love and even better hairdays. 🙂

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