Of all the wedding planning tasks you need to do, choosing the perfect cake for your big day is probably the sweetest. After all, what could be better than sampling cake flavors, choosing from a rainbow of frosting colors and looking at gorgeous wedding cakes pictures?

Wedding cakes are a part of almost every wedding. It is considered as a grand focal point of a wedding reception. In fact, it is the first thing guests usually notice when they walk into t the reception hall. Wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes and are usually custom-made to suit the theme of the wedding, as well as the personality of the couple.

If you are getting married and you still have no idea what you want for your cake, browsing through wedding cake pictures is one of the best ways to get inspiration.

In the hopes of helping you find your dream cake, we searched high and low and handpicked 10 of the most jaw-dropping beautiful wedding cakes pictures. These cakes are sure to make a serious statement on your wedding day.

From classic to modern designs, here are 10 gorgeous pictures of wedding cakes.

All-white wedding cake


                                                        Image Source:www.modwedding.com

An all-white wedding cake never goes out of style. There is something so stunning about the simplicity of the timeless white wedding cake. Just because it’s an all white cake, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Decorate it with sugar flowers, and it’s definitely a winner.

Dark wedding cake


                                                            Image Source:www.weddbook.com

While there is no doubt that white wedding cakes gives off a more romantic vibe, this dark-hued wedding cake is a great alternative for couples who are looking for a more modern treat that feels reflective of their unique style. This can look and taste just as amazing as the other cakes on our list. s

With this beautiful dark-colored wedding cake image, you might just be tempted to go over to the dark side.

Glamorous gold


                                                   Image Source:www.osamountainadventures.com

Couples who are looking for a glam twist on the classic confection may fall in love with the idea of having a metallic wedding cake. Even the most traditional brides may find themselves obsessing over this gold wedding cake picture.

Modern love


                                                                Image Source:www.theknot.com

Give dimension to a white cake by decorating it with gold-flecked sugar flowers, graphic half-sized tiers, a deconstructed diamond motif and a quilted impression. All these details combined, give this blue and white cake a timeless feel with a hint of whimsy. There is something to marvel at everywhere you look on this wedding cake picture.

Sugared blooms


                                                                     Image Source:www.theknot.com

One way to make a big statement to a classic round cake is by adding dozens of life-like sugar flowers. An all-white confection would be the perfect backdrop for these elegant blooms.

Naked wedding cake


                                                        Image Source:www.barcelonaweddingstories.com

The old saying, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”, definitely applies to naked cakes. Here, bakers forego an outer layer of buttercream so the cake itself becomes the star of the show. This wedding cake picture is beautiful, sophisticated and chic. It is sure to add simple, elegant style to any sweet spread.

These unfrosted beauties are great for warmer outdoor weddings, as well as rustic weddings. They’re not just beautiful to look at, they’re also delicious.

Illustrated art


                                                               Image Source:www.bellethemagazine.com

Over the last few years, hand-painted cake has become one of the hottest trends in wedding cakes. In fact, they have been slowly popping up on Pinterest and different blogs. It’s a great way to jazz up and personalize the plainest of cakes.

We’re absolutely in love with the artsy, unique and intricate details of this wedding cake. It is sure to capture the attention of your guests and will get tons of likes on Instagram. This cake is so gorgeous that you wouldn’t want to eat it.

Pretty pastel


                                                        Image Source:www.weddingandweddingflowers.co.uk

A pretty pastel wedding cake will work perfectly for couples who are planning for a vintage wedding. This is also recommended for those who are planning to get married in spring or summer. Their soft hues can add a pop of color to your wedding reception without going overboard. Even if you go with a minimalist design, you can still make a statement with your cake.

Fairy tale


                                                                    Image Source:www.weddingomania.com

Most girls have dreamed of walking down the aisle towards their Prince Charming. Nothing is sweeter than a fairy tale wedding.

Every bride deserves to feel like a princess on her big day. If you are planning a fairy tale wedding, an extravagant wedding cake like this could be the final piece that ties everything together.

Bring on the bling


                                                                   Image Source:www.weddinginclude.com

Most brides want to have something bling and shiny on their wedding day. Dressing up a lustrous ivory cake with rhinestones, pin dots or brooches will add sensational sparkle to your wedding cake. This will transform a simple wedding cake to a whole new level.

Sparkly wedding cakes are ideal for a glamorous wedding. Since the cake is a statement piece on its own, it can add that wow factor to your reception venue. This cake is perfect for trendy couples who are tying the knot. 

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