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​What You Need to Know About Wedding Insurance

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Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting experiences of your life. However, since there are always a million more things to take care of than you expect, it can also be quite stressful! Wedding insurance can help protect you from unexpected mishaps on your big day so that you can enjoy this special time fully and freely. Here are some basic tips for selecting an insurance plan that can help you make the most of your wedding day.

Start with Liability

Your wedding reception is going to be a night to remember! But things can get a little too memorable when Uncle Harry has had one too many gin and tonics and tries to do a split on the dance floor, or your cousin's new girlfriend tries to slide down the grand staircase banister headfirst. Wedding liability insurance protects you, your guests, and the venue in case of personal injury or damage to property. Many venues require that you purchase liability insurance, so this is the place you'll want to start when thinking about insuring your big day. Contact your venue to see what kind of coverage they require and what sorts of plans they offer. Many liability insurance plans also cover the rehearsal dinner as long as it's within a certain amount of time of the ceremony, so you can enjoy your entire wedding weekend without having to worry about anything. Well, at least not when it comes to insurance -- these liability plans can't guarantee that your dad won't show that embarrassing slideshow of five-year-old you in your underpants before you cut the cake...

Contact Vendors

Many reception venues and wedding vendors have some insurance protection included when you use their services. You'll probably be involved with quite a few vendors, including a caterer, a florist, a photographer, a videographer, the dress and tuxedo salon, etc., and chances are many of them have some amount of coverage included in their services. If your florist goes out of business before your wedding day or your reception site is damaged because of an accident or a weather emergency, many insurance plans can cover the cost of postponing your wedding or finding a last-minute replacement for services. Specific vendors or sites may offer an included dollar amount of coverage, so check with your ceremony venue, your reception site, and your individual vendors before purchasing additional insurance so that you're not paying extra out-of-pocket.

Cover Your Rings

Your engagement and wedding rings may be your most beautiful and prized possessions, so why not make sure they're protected? Engagement and wedding ring insurance protects you in case your rings are lost, stolen, or damaged, ensuring that they can be replaced in case something happens to them. There are different types of ring insurance, and sometimes you can purchase it through your renters or homeowners policy as a "rider" or extension of your regular plan. The cost of ring insurance varies depending where the coverage comes from and what the value of the jewelry is, so shop around to find the best deal so that you can have peace of mind about your special ring without overpaying.

Know What Isn't Covered

Wedding insurance plans will cover a lot of unexpected mishaps, whether it's a scatter-brained caterer who mixed up the date of your big day, a wedding-ring-down-the-garbage-disposal slip up, or an impending hurricane that threatens to put your entire wedding underwater. However, there are some unfortunate events that your insurance plan probably won't cover, so be clear about which things you'll be responsible for yourself. For instance, insurance plans don't cover cancellations or postponements due to a personal change of heart, so make sure you really, really like him before the big day arrives. Wedding insurance also typically doesn't cover loss or damage to valuable jewelry other than your rings, so make sure that grandmother's pearls are locked up safe and sound when they're not with you. Most insurance agents will carefully walk you through what is and is not covered so that you'll have everything under control on your special day.

On your wedding day, you'll want to be able to focus all of your attention on your new spouse, your happy guests, and your funky dance moves. Look into what kind of insurance plans are available to you so that you can enjoy your big day worry-free. 

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