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Unique Wedding Food Ideas

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Wedding Food Ideas You Never Considered

If you were to ask most people why they love going to weddings, undoubtedly a top response would be the cuisine. Of course your friends and family want to watch you join your life with your soulmate, best friend and main squeeze but they also want to indulge in a free meal that tickles their taste buds, so don't disappoint.

The days of serving dry chicken breasts with boring veggies are long gone, thankfully so serve whatever strikes your fancy.

Take a look at some of these wedding food ideas to help get the wheels of inspiration turning.

Wedding Finger Food Ideas

Most couples are now opting to have a cocktail hour during their weddings. This gives the bride and groom, as well as the entire wedding party as a whole, the opportunity to take some photos and relax before boogieing the night away. If this is your plan, consider:

1.   Oyster bars can be so much fun. Imagine your guests watching the chef shuck fresh oysters and serving them au naturel or throwing a few on the grill. The room will sizzle with excitement and anticipation. Everyone can jazz up their own bite sized treat with fresh lemon juice, Tabasco sauce or just a little sea salt. Do not forget to supply some crackers as well. Yum, right? 

2.   A classic finger food everyone can enjoy is deviled eggs. This has become a popular trend for daytime weddings but it can work for an evening one too. Plus, there are a lot of ways to spin this traditional snack. Add bacon or olives to change it up a bit or keep it simple with a little mayo, mustard and paprika.

3.   Wedding food ideas on a budget are not impossible. Keep it cost effective but classy with the vegetable shooter option. Slice up your favorite veggies like celery, carrots, cucumbers or bell peppers, place them in a shot glass with a little ranch and vuola, a light snack that will tied your guests over until the main meal is served. 

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4.   No one has every refused a slice of pizza and your wedding will not be any different. Think about serving mini pizza bites. You can really go crazy with this idea by using unexpected ingredients. Try a white sauce instead of red, artichoke hearts instead of pepperoni or ricotta cheese over mozzarella. The heavenly bites will disappear in seconds.

Wedding reception food ideas are in abundance year round. Here are a few unique options for you to chew on:

1.   Wedding food ideas centered around breakfast items are the newest trend hitting the market. Who as a kid didn't love being surprised by breakfast for dinner? Think along those same lines for your wedding day and serve bacon cups (yes, it is a real thing) filled with eggs, shredded veggies and cheese. A heartier suggestion would be a customizable breakfast sandwich. Offer the best breads you can find and as many toppings you can get your hands on. Don't forget the never-disappointing chicken and waffles. It's rich, savory and tasty.

2.   Splurging on a cake that costs hundreds of dollars just isn't practical for some couples, plus, you have a sweet tooth and can't pick just one. Consider a dessert table full of decadent delicious delights like cronuts. This creation is half croissant, half doughnut and is a 100% winner every time it is served. Another yummy hit are nutmeg-dusted beignets, complete with lots of powered sugar, of course. 

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3.   Give your guests something they really weren't expecting by bringing in food from around the world. Hire a food truck instead a traditional catering service. If you are getting married in the Midwest, consider Texas-style barbecue ribs, pulled pork sandwiches and various kinds of grilled meats. Getting hitched in London but longing for Asian cuisine? A food truck serving dim sum, fresh spring rolls or a steaming bowl of pho could be just what the doctor ordered for late-night dining.

4.   A buffet always makes sense at a wedding and so does pasta, so just combine the two. Offer a half dozen types of pasta, with the same number of sauce options. This is especially thoughtful if you have a lot of guests with special dietary restrictions. While one guest may choose the whole wheat penne pasta with spicy red sauce, another can opt for the fettuccine chicken alfredo. Complimentary items would be a big salad and lots of garlic bread. Everybody wins!

While having the most delicious food for your wedding is a huge part of the overall experience for guests, let's not forget that presentation is everything too. Display your tasty treats in the most appealing ways possible to further entice those in attendance to dive right in.

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