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​Top Wedding Movies That Will Sure To Make You Laugh

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Many great movies over the years have centered on weddings, such as “The Big Wedding,” or used them effectively as a backdrop, such as “The Hangover.” Perhaps it’s not surprising that many of the best wedding movies are comedies. After all, this is a big moment in our lives, and being able to process it with a smile is cathartic. With that in mind, here are the top wedding movies sure to make you laugh.

1. Father of the Bride

“Father of the Bride” starring comedy legend Steve Martin is a 1991 remake of the 1950s black-and-white classic. This is the oft-hilarious and always endearing story of a father coming to grips with losing his daughter while also dealing with the stress of orchestrating and affording a wedding.

2. My Big, Fat Greek Wedding

“My Big, Fat Greek Wedding” is a wonderful story of a 30-year-old who feels the weight of not being married at her age. While it provides a humorous look into Greek-American culture, it also provides insights into human relationships that everyone can relate to. The main character’s luck finally changes when she meets a withdrawn man who accepts her and her family for everything they are.

3. Bridesmaids

“Bridesmaids” is a rare R-rated movie and arguably one of the best comedies of its decade. This movie includes an amazing list of comedians, such as Kristen Wiig, who co-wrote the film, Maya Rudolph and Melissa McCarthy. This movie cleverly and lightheartedly explores the sometimes politics of being a bridesmaid or even friends coexisting within a group.

4. Wedding Crashers

“Wedding Crashers” is a 2005 film about two best buddies who are chronically single and crash weddings in order to target the single woman they deem easy targets. This movie features breakout performances by Bradley Cooper and Isla Fisher, but is really about Owen Wilson’s John and Vince Vaughn’s Jeremy finding love that melts their cynicism away.

5. My Best Friend’s Wedding

Julia Roberts earned a Golden Globe nomination for her portrayal as Julianne Potter in the 1998 film “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” This is the story about a woman who realizes she’s in love with her best friend just as he’s about to marry another. It just so happens that she’s the Maid of Honor for that other woman who is played marvelously by Cameron Diaz.

6. The Wedding Singer

“The Wedding Singer” is a romantic comedy set in the 1980s, and it stars Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. Barrymore and Sandler have real chemistry, and that not only shines through in this flick but has resulted in numerous co-appearances since. This movie is not only funny but tells the poignant story of two people who find each other while engage to the wrong people.

7. Muriel's Wedding

“Muriel’s Wedding” is the 1994 film that introduced the world to Toni Collette. This movie tells a story about socially awkward Australian woman who dreams of being married but has never had a date. This is a quirky film with a nostalgic soundtrack, but beneath those trapping lies some true insight into the human condition.

8. The Wedding Date

“The Wedding Date” tells the story of a woman, played by Debra Messing, who plots to make her ex-fiancé jealous by showing up to his wedding with a male escort. Hijinks ensue, but then the story evolves into something more as Kat and Nick begin to fall for each other.

Final Thoughts

The eight wedding movies listed above celebrate marriage and the commitment it represents, and they’re sure to make you laugh. If you need even more options, then consider movies that almost made the cut such as “Bride Wars,” “The Other Sister,” and “The Wedding Planner.”

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