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Top 10 Romantic Wedding Dresses

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Your wedding day is the most perfect day in your life. Theres no other day that you would rather have absolutely everything go right. One of the most important things to a woman on her wedding day are romantic wedding dresses. They want the perfect romantic dress, that fits perfectly with their style. Everyone picks very different designers and fashions. The amount of blood, sweat, and tears that go into a woman picking out a wedding dress is incredible. No man will ever understand the struggle of trying to say yes to the dress. You have to please your mother, yourself, your family, your budget, as well as keeping your groom in mind. Naturally, most brides have mental breakdowns but thats just what happens when your trying to pick a dress out of millions of styles perfectly made for you. You might find it rather funny to watch a woman pick out a dress but let me assure you, it is NOT funny business! When the back won't zip, or its too big around the waist, or when its 6 inches too long, brides think that their lives are falling apart.

Sometimes they forget that none of that even matters. The only thing that matters in the end is being with your husband or wife. The love shared between the two individuals is the main point of the wedding. It is not for the show or for any type of dress, and thats for sure.

Lets get to the point...romantic wedding dresses are one of the most important things to a bride, so why not do it as best as they can! They know they are loved, they just want the perfect romantic dress to prove it one last time infront of everyone. They want to look absolutely perfect for their spouse, and nothing will get in their way to get that perfect dress, sometimes not even money!

Stay in tune to see the top 10 romantic wedding dresses. Keep in mind that the word romantic does not mean "sexy" and does not need to be revealing at all. It is more attractive if the bride has an appropriate wedding dress. The word romantic means an expression of love, so if you really think about it, all wedding dresses can be classified under the word "romantic". But what classifies a dress in any category is unsteady, so these next 10 wedding gowns are ones that have been very popular among people who show their love to each other each and everyday.

Top 10 Romantic Wedding Dresses

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This dress is one of the most romantic wedding dresses out there, and is a great expression of love. It is modest and mystical, giving it the gentle vibe and great personality. In the picture above, this is in a more bohemian wedding style with the hairband, but it can certainly be made classical with a vail and a train.

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This dress is the perfect way to show the brides love for their loved one by staying modest. Modesty has drifted away from society and has become of the most sacred and rare things. Modesty is beautiful and can be classified as an expression of their love because they are "saving" their body for them and only them.

Source: www.allurebridals.com

A lot of the romantic wedding gowns are classical ones and very modest. Ballgown styles will always be among the greatest kinds of dresses on the market.


Source: www.allurebridals.com

Any kind of dress with a sleeve is thought of as romantic and can be classified as expression of love. Especially with this gown above, the lace tops it off perfectly to give it the perfect bridal look. Top this look off with a very simple vail and you will not be ashamed of the time and effort put into finding this! The dress will always be worth it.

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Now a little more on the sexy side... is a mermaid style! You know those curves you've been working for a year to shave off? You can finally get a dress to show off your new and improved curves once and for all. We all know how hard you've been working to lose that weight, why not show it off to show your love how much you love them!

Source: www.aliexpress.com

Nothing says romantic wedding dress like a little pink! Pink and red are the two colors of romance, and having this color will blow everyone away. The thing about this dress, is that it is no unique and so different from anything else. People dig when their spouse is unique and doesn't go along with the crowd. Nothing is more beautiful than a wild flower.

Source: www.icanhappy.com

The best of both worlds! This dress has a tight layer underneath, and is covered with a thin laced layer of fabric. It is quite beautiful when it comes to the romance aspect of it. Lace is one of the most popular things to put on a wedding dress and can be said to be one of the most beautiful things to put on a wedding dress too. Most brides love when theres lace on their dress, or have it put in later.

Source: www.taringa.net

Strapless for the win! Be romantic while rocking this simple strapless gown on the runway or the aisle. This off white color gives it the lowkey look everyone goes out and looks for.


This dress is one of the most jaw dropping dresses on the internet. Having this dress on will wow people and wow your spouse even more so. You want romantic, this is the perfect dress, no matter what size! 


This lace wedding dress can be classified as a bohemian wedding dress as well as a romantic one. Lace wedding dresses will always be romantic. Bohemian wedding dresses are not on the romantic side of what you would think the dresses would look like because they are seen more for fashion and fun rather than a sign for love. 

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