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Planning an Outdoor Wedding


Outdoor weddings are guaranteed to be unique - the breathtaking beauty of a rocky ocean shore, a romantic setting in a botanical garden, or the comforting peace of your own backyard. But as special as these options are, there’s also many logistical issues that can arise when planning an outdoor celebration. Here are several tips on how to pull off a stress free wedding day.

Pitch a Tent

Using tents is a great way to have an outdoor wedding that's safe from unpredictable weather. You can place them almost anywhere, from your favorite park, ranch, or even a backyard. They can also make the occasion formal or casual, and can be found in almost any shape, size, or even color. Remember to use fans or misters during the summer, and heaters during the winter. It's always smart to have a backup plan if extreme weather is a possibility, but tents are one of the safest ways to ensure things run smoothly outdoors. 

Decorate with Extras, but use the Terrain You're in 

Since tents are typically a blank canvas when it comes to decorating, it's smart to go the extra mile when renting extra flourishes for visual effect. Check with your rental company to see what your options are to fit what's important to you, but don't forget that part of the charm of and outdoor wedding is the scenery. Scout out the area you'll be using well in advance to use the location pieces as part of your theme - trees, planted flowers, or a creek can all be used as "free" decorating when you have an outdoor wedding. 

Don't Forget about Bugs 

Bugs are capable of putting a damper on even the post well planned and beautiful day, so don't forget to plan ahead for whatever you might find outside. Consider having the area spraying by professionals a couple of days before the wedding to limit what's there, and place citronella candles or other bug controls that don't ruin the atmosphere around your reception area. 

Choose Lighting Carefully

Remember that depending on the timing of your wedding, it's likely that you guests will be celebrating with you during and after daylight hours. This means you need to provide shade if the sun will be a problem (which is another thing a tent is great for) and provide appropriate lighting for after dark. Guests will need to be able to see well along pathways, especially if there is uneven terrain or tripping hazards. Twinkle lights are great to set the mood, but shouldn't be your only source of light once the sun sets. 

The Devil's in the Details

There are many things to consider with an outdoor wedding, so creating a list well beforehand is the best way to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Every outdoor venue comes with it's own necessities, but in general, the important things to consider are the ones that you might not always focus on in the exceitment of planning your special day. All the practical things like having enough restrooms, extra seating, walkways, accessibility, temperature controlled food, and the right sound system that projects outdoors become very important in making sure you don't have frustrated guests. 

Outdoor weddings can be the most beautiful celebrations, where you can enjoy the gorgeous views and fresh air with the people that you love. All it takes is a bit of careful planning, and you'll have the wedding of your dreams!

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