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Featured Wedding Photographer: Elton Mogg


(Source: eltonmogg.co.uk)

When planning your wedding, one of the biggest decisions you will have to make is selecting your photographer for the day.

If you live in the United Kingdom, there may likely be no better name in the business than Elton Mogg.

Working in the industry since 2006, Mogg's extensive pre-photography background has helped him establish himself as one of the premier names in photography in the entire U.K.

(Source: eltonmogg.co.uk)

About Elton Mogg

Elton Mogg didn't start out as a wedding photographer.

No, he got his professional start in the TV production world, refining his skills as a multimedia guru.

Mogg credits his unique ability to tell a beautiful story through wedding photography to his extensive media background as he can effortlessly narrate the day by capturing each special moment.

Based out of Farnborough, Hampshire in England, he mainly focuses on shooting in the United Kingdom. While this is his home base, Mogg has made plenty of rounds all across Europe to shoot weddings in France, Germany, Sweden, Austria, and Italy.

Mogg's travel ability and long-standing success have easily made him one of the more highly coveted wedding photographers in all of Europe.

Mogg's Style

Every photographer possesses a specific style, and Elton Mogg is no exception.

Drawing from his extensive TV and video production background, Mogg uses his storytelling ability to paint a beautiful picture of a wedding day through a high class, cinematic experience.

By capturing each moment in its essence, he can create the perfect mood no matter what the situation is.

As he says himself: "My approach to wedding photography is to create an artistic story that documents this most important of days in the most natural and beautiful way possible."

These skills as a storyteller help to set him apart as one of the most highly skilled photographers in the United Kingdom and all of Europe.

Awards and Recognition

The phrase "the proof is in the pudding" couldn't be more true when it comes to Elton Mogg's photography, as he is one of the most decorated and praised wedding photographers in all of Europe.

In addition to being a multiple-time finalist for the Professional Photographer Magazines, Photographer of the Year, he also took home third place in the 2013 International Wedding Photographer of the Year competition.

He was also one of the 2012 PWPN International Wedding Photographer winners.

His most prestigious and impressive awards though came back in 2009 when he was recognized in the Fresh M.I.L.K Photography competition.

Out of a pool of over 35,000 images from 112 different countries, Mogg's image was chosen as a top 150 winner to be featured in a special collection.

If you live in the United Kingdom, Elton Mogg should be high on your list of people to have for your wedding day.

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