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​7 Super Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

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You're in love with your partner and you're ready to start a future together by getting married. It's exciting but also terrifying. What's the best way to propose? This is especially difficult if you have struggled to be romantic in the past! Even if you know she'll say "Yes," you'll need to put some thought into the way you propose.

The following 7 proposal ideas are romantic, and you'll even find some updates on the classic proposal traditions!

The Family Pet

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Do the two of you own a dog or cat, together? Perhaps Fluffy or Fido could help you propose. For example, you could attach the ring box to the animal's collar or write your proposal on a note that you wrap around the dog's toy. The next time he fetches, your future fiance can open the letter. Who can say "No" to those puppy dog eyes?

On Stage

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Whether you like concerts or plays, the stage is an ideal place to propose to your partner. You'll have better luck if it's a smaller performance or if you're involved with the venue or performance. But you can always try your luck by contacting the venue, manager or even the performers to see if they'll share the spotlight long enough for you to pop the question!

Scavenger Hunt

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If your partner is the type who likes treasure hunts, this makes for a great proposal. You can increase the romance factor by sending her (or him!) to places where you met, had your first date or shared your first kiss. If you want to make it especially challenging, have her guess the location with clues. See if she remembers where you first met? Of course, this could make the hunt impossible if she doesn't have a good memory.

Friends and Family

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For those who wouldn't mind a less intimate proposal, enlisting the help of family and friends might be one of the better marriage proposal ideas. Of course, you'll want to make sure that everyone can keep a secret. Variations include everyone wearing a t-shirt or carrying an object such as a balloon to spell out your proposal. You could also have everyone hand your beloved a note attached to a flower. When put together, she'll realize it's a proposal, and it's especially sweet knowing you have the blessing of everyone who cares about you!

Viral Video

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Some of the best marriage proposal ideas have gone viral, and there's no wondering why! These people were creative, and they wanted to record both the special moment and their hard work come to fruition. You can always use the viral nature of the Internet to get your mutual social media friends to share a video or song in which you propose.

Alternatively, you can use one of the live stream services or even Face Time so that your loved ones can watch while you propose. Just don't use Facebook's relationship status option as your method of proposing!

A Better Food Proposal

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Rather than trying to bake an engagement ring into a cake and risking a chipped tooth, why not simply have your dessert chef help out? A chocolate drizzle on your love's dessert plate can ask the big question in a sophisticated way. You can then drop to one knee, if that's your style, and bring out the ring box.

Written with Love

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This idea works only if your partner works someplace where she will see a whiteboard, blackboard or screen every day. Sneak in -- you may have to con the janitor! -- to write your message on the board for her to see when she comes into work later. If you get creative with your script and color choices, it'll make it even more romantic!

Of course, these are just a few ways that you can propose. Your personal history, hobbies and relationship will dictate the ways that seem most romantic to your beloved. Perhaps she finds restaurant proposals cheesy or would prefer that it be just you and her when you ask the big question.

If you're ready to propose, you've probably got a good idea about what she likes. That's where you'll find true romance when it comes to your proposal.

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