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10 Unique Ways to Recycle Your Wedding

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How Can You Reuse Your Wedding?

After the vows are exchanged, the reception is held, and you have your spouse to have and to hold for now and forevermore, it’s sad to think that you’re never going to experience your own wedding again. All the time you spent in picking out your dress, your cake, your venue, your musicians, your everything has gone to the wind and now it’s just a beautiful memory. What if I told you that I have 10 unique ways to recycle your favorite parts of your wedding? Even though the ceremony itself is a part of your past and more importantly, the beginning of your life with your loved one, it can be a part of your home as well. Added bonus: they aren’t impossible to do yourself!

Make a Necklace from Your Dress

Using a DIY set for making your own pendant necklace, you can use a small piece of your wedding gown to carry a piece of your special day wherever you go. You could go even farther and use them to make small mementos for your mother, mother-in-law, maid of honor, or even your bridesmaids by doing the same for them! This results in a very sentimental, heartfelt gift for those who are closest to you and your spouse. Find a DIY necklace set on Amazon Prime for under $10, available in different colors!wedding dress necklace.jpg

Photo courtesy of CRHPhotos

Be sure to visit Charming Grace Events for more creative crafts for your wardrobe and home from your wedding dress!

Use Leftover Invitations for a Christmas Tree Ornament


If you classify yourself as uncreative and unable to do crafts, then I have the BEST craft for you to make a keepsake of your wedding day. Using leftover invitations, cut them out line-by-line with straight-edged scissors and roll them into a clear ornament for your Christmas tree. This exceedingly easy project can be done with a quick purchase on Amazon, and you can easily make a dozen or more of these little baubles!

Obviously these can be as decorated or as minimalist as you want; add glitter, paint, rhinestones, ribbon, or insert your own photos to make it even more memorable! Find directions here to make your ornament if you’d like to follow step-by-step instructions, where I also found this cool photo of a finished bauble.

Dry Your Bouquet

Your bouquet endures some brutal consequences though it is made of delicate flowers. It’s tossed, snatched at by your wedding guests, and passed around throughout the ceremony so your hands are free to exchange rings and whatever your ceremony holds. However, if you do so desire, it doesn’t take much to dry your bouquet to frame, press, hang, or jar to keep in your house. Talk to your wedding florist if you want specifics on your wedding flowers, or if you would like to keep the drying to the professionals. However, there are plenty of ways you can do this craft at your home! flower drying.jpg

Using silica gel (the stuff in the small packets that come in your shoe box that you normally throw away), you can keep your flowers looking fresher than any other types of drying or preserving. The flowers will maintain more of their natural shape (instead of shriveling up), and they don’t fade into a sepia-like color. Author of A Bride on a Budget tried the technique using silica gel and ended up with a beautiful result, and she even provided the directions involved! I found the same silica gel she used for her drying online at Michael's for $17.99, but I’m sure you can find them at your local crafts supplier or possibly even a florist in your area.

Get Crafty with Your Cards


About a month or so after your wedding, after you read all the cards and receive all of the goodies that came with them, the cards become a nuisance to have lying around the house. Keeping them in a shoebox isn’t efficient for something so sentimental, so there are two options: make an album-like book of cards on display, or use a special hole punch to create a tile mosaic out of the covers of each card.

Both ideas are from Something Turquoise, a DIY bridal blog for the creative wife-to-be. You can find the mini album here, and the tile mosaic here.

Display Your First Cork as a Couple


Here’s something you typically wouldn’t dream of saving from your big day: a wine or champagne cork. Something Turquoise, yet again, comes in clutch with this awesome idea to create a shadow box for your first bottle opened as “Mr. and Mrs.”. The helpful website (you can access by clicking on the link above) also gives you a FREE printable PDF, that is a replica of the model that you can edit to display your names and your wedding date. As if it wasn’t easy enough already!

Save Your Wedding Cake

This handy-dandy trick will allow you to save the top tier of your wedding cake to eat on your one-year anniversary with your sweetheart. Sounds like it’d be gross, but it works! The Knot provides a short, but knowledgeable answer to how to do this. All you will need is a tupperware container big enough to fit your top tier in, and some tin foil!

Save a Momento of your Bridesmaids

Now, this comes a little before the wedding, but it is just as important to keep your beautiful bridesmaids close to your heart at home. At your bridal shower, or as you all are preparing for your big day, have them all “sign” a canvas...have them kiss a canvas while wearing their lipstick! This is a great idea for hanging in your bathroom or your bedroom. If your party is small, you could allow them to sign and write small messages on/next to their lip prints. This idea is inexpensive, gorgeous, and fun to make! Just think of the reactions you’ll get when you ask your friends to pucker up for a poster. This idea comes from bridal blog Bridal Guide.bridal.jpg

Make a Guest Book Quilt!


If you, your mother, your grandmother, your mother-in-law, your sister, whoever has the ability to make you a nice quilt, take them up on this offer now! Using your wedding colors, ask for a simple quilt to be made for you and your husband. At your wedding, suspend it on a wall with your choice of fabric markers on hand for your guests to sign. This will display nana’s great handiwork when it comes to quilt making, it will give each guest TONS of space to write on (so your mother can finally pour her heart out about her baby girl getting married in an appropriate style), and guests will have fun writing on your new comforter. This idea comes from Smashing the Glass, who a whole list of unique guestbook ideas to choose from. Go check it out!

Make an Earring Holder Out of Your Dress


Using an old picture frame, lace from your wedding dress, and spray paint (optional!), you can create a lovely holder for your earrings from the lace of your wedding dress. Both the dress and the frame can be painted or dyed to match your bedroom or bathroom. This project is simple to do and the end result is something useful and all-around pretty! Find the tutorial here.

Frame Your Wedding Vows


This one can be super easy or slightly difficult, depending on how you want to go about framing your wedding vows. The easiest thing you could do is take your original copy of your vows, handwritten, printed, written on a napkin, whatever, and frame them. Boom. Viola. You’re done. However, if you want a cleaner version of your vows, you could get them done in calligraphy (which is what the photo from Etsy displays). Calligraphy isn’t terribly easy to conquer, but if you have confidence in yourself to beautify your vows on nice paper, be my guest.

Other Ways to Recycle (That cost more)

  • Turn your wedding gown into a Christening gown, jumper, or robe
  • Have your guests sign a wooden bench or chair with magic markers, and then lacquer over top of it to preserve their signatures and messages
  • Turn your gown into a cocktail dress or a formal dress: trim it, dye it, add more decor, take out the tulle, you decide!
  • Turn your bouquet into paperweights. (Order yours today here! This company is located in the United Kingdom, but they do accept credit cards.)
  • Have guests use a Polaroid camera to take photos of themselves, and then they can leave a special message for you to remember in the upcoming years

Hopefully, this article has inspired you to recycle and reuse parts of your wedding to display as a reminder of one of the best days of your life. If you enjoyed this article and you’re hungry for more unique ideas to make your wedding better than you ever imagined, make sure you subscribe to receive our newsletter at the bottom of this page. You’re only a click away from having the same great content in your mailbox! 

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