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10 Places to Register for your Wedding

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Oh, where to register! So many stores nowadays are offering endless deals and opportunities in attempt to sway you to register with them, especially when it comes to wedding registry. And now you can register through online only stores like Amazon and have your gifts delivered to your door! But for some, walking around in a store with a registry gun is pure bliss. Nonetheless, these are ten popular, possible stores (not in any order of importance) that any happy couple would be satisfied with.

  1. Kohl’s. Kohl’s is an affordable department store with many different varieties of gifts. One of the awesome deals that Kohl’s offers is the 10% Rewards. For every gift that is purchased from your registry, you gain 10% back! So for a $50 gift that someone bought for you, you get $5! Kohl’s also offers free gifts from several brands just from registering with them. Kohl’s deals aren’t only in their stores, but in their registry as well.
  2. Target. Target is known for their quality items and many different products. One of the perks of registering with Target is the free shipping on all orders of $25 or more, making it cheap for your family and friends to purchase gifts! You also have an extended time of one year to return your gifts after the event date, giving you time to go through all the gifts you will receive!
  3. Bed Bath & Beyond. Bed Bath & Beyond lives up to its name. They offer free registry announcement cards to hand out with your invitations. They also allow you to purchase the items on your registry that were not purchased with a 10% discount! A huge shout out to BB&B for their amazing deals!
  4. JCPenney. One of the cool things that JCPenney offers to their registered couples is the new app! You can walk around the store and scan using your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone. You can also connect your JCPenney registry with The Knot if you decide on using that for your wedding as well.
  5. Macy’s. Macy’s offers a high 20% discount on of your remaining registered items and a 10% discount on furniture, mattresses, and rugs for up to six months after your wedding day. Plus, you can receive some exclusive gifts from the of the best brands when you sign up!
  6. Amazon. A new way of doing wedding registry is by registering online and then having all your gifts arrive on your doorstep. Amazon is a great option because of the assortment of items and products that their website holds. After your big day, you receive a 10% completion gift that is good on anything that is sold by Amazon for up to 90 days after your wedding.
  7. Sears. Sears is a big superstore that offers many options for gifts. One of the cool things that Sears offers to its registered brides is a checklist with all the top items purchased by couples and breaks it down into categories to make your shopping experience faster and easier.
  8. Walmart. Walmart is an affordable alternative to wedding registry that can provide everything you need at great prices. Walmart offers invitations, thank you cards, and stationary starting at 99 cents along with an easy app that works in the store when walking around and deciding on what you need.
  9. Crate and Barrel. The list of deals is endless at Crate and Barrel! When you first register, you receive a set of their best-selling wine glasses in a nice embroidered bag. Crate and Barrel also offers private registry events where you can sign up and be consulted with a registry expert on how to pick everything and what to pick. Not to mention that they offer not only 10% off on your leftover registered items, but also 10% on other products that aren’t on your list for up to six months after your wedding date!
  10. Bon Ton. Your guests will be very happy if you decide to register with Bon Ton. Bon Ton gives you the option of a “complimentary enclosure card” that gives directions on how to buy for the registered couple and offers 10% coupon at the same time. Not to mention that you can earn cash back rewards on whatever items are not purchased from your registry list.

There are many other stores and possibilities when it comes to registering for your big day. But this gives you a small idea on some key places with big deals. So in the end you not only get gifts from your guests, but you receive gifts from the store you registered in as well. So it’s a win-win, right? Click on any of the links below to begin your stress free registry!











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