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Summer Wedding: How to Beat the Heat on Your Wedding Day

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For couples who are planning a summer wedding, you’re probably envisioning your guests in high fashion ensembles with big smiles plastered on their faces as you walk down the aisles. You imagine seeing a sea of perfect white roses everywhere you look. It’s a gorgeous blue-sky day and the air is filled with that beautiful summer scents. Everything looks absolutely gorgeous – just like the type of weddings you see in movies.

There is no doubt that outdoor weddings are romantic and scenic. But on a hot, summer afternoon, your guests will be exposed to the fiercest rays of the midday sun. As you prepare to walk down the aisle, you may find your guests slumping in their chairs, dehydrated and overheated - most of them squinting from the hot sun, desperately waiting for you to make an entrance.

How do you keep your guests cool when it’s sweltering outside? Here is some expert advice on how to beat the heat on your summer wedding day.

Offer refreshments

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Since guests will be sitting under the sun during the ceremony, you need to come up with ways to keep your guests cool and refreshed. One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to beat the heat on a summer wedding is to serve chilled drinks.

You can set up a beverage station, where your family and friends can help themselves. Cool down wedding guests by stocking up the beverage station with iced tea, lemonade and infused water. You can also set out large tubs filed with sparkling water. Place it at the entrance so guests can get one as they arrive.

Use misting fans

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Excessive heat can spoil the fun at your wedding and cause your guests to go home early. Go the extra mile to ensure that your guests are cool and comfortable throughout the event by renting out a misting fan.

Misting fans are a convenient way to keep your guests cool during a summer wedding. Make sure they are placed strategically within the venue to ensure that your guests are enjoying a nice, cool misty breeze. You don’t have to worry about your loved ones getting wet since the actual water being sprayed is very minimal. It will keep your family and friends from getting too hot, even when Mother Nature really cranks up the heat.

Hand out fans

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It can be gruelling for guests to stay cool and comfortable throughout the ceremony with no way to beat the heat. Do your guests a favor by handing out wedding fans before the ceremony, so they can stay cool and breezy in the heat.

Fans are perfect for outdoor weddings, not to mention that they make great wedding favors too. You can place the fans in a basket near the entrance so your wedding guests can get one when they arrive.

If you want to give your fans a personal touch, you may have your initials printed on them. Another suggestion would be to give out paper fans and then have your wedding program printed on the other side of the fan. This will help keep your guests in the loop while staying cool at the same time.

Hand out sunglasses

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It might seem silly, but sunglasses are actually one of the best favors for sunny, warm-weather weddings. If you are looking for a wedding favor that is as fun and unique as your wedding, then sunglasses would be a great option. Not only are they cute, they are also functional.

Hand them out to your family and friends to save them from squinting through the entire ceremony. Plus, they can wear them throughout the summer. If you want a little bit of personalization, consider attaching a thank you note or your wedding information to each pair.

Serve frozen treats

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Looking for a creative way to keep your guests cool and happy? Then treat everyone to something sweet and cold. Consider giving out frozen treats like ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, shaved ice or sorbet at your reception or cocktail hour. These frozen treats are sure to bring out the kids in any age wedding guests. Plus, they can double as desserts as well.

You can pass them around after you exchange vows. Or guests can just help themselves straight from the cart. With these frozen treats, your family and friends won’t even remember they’re in heat.

Shade your guests

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Most people tend to associate tents with rain. Sure, tents will keep you and your guests covered in the event of a rain, but it is also recommended for a summer wedding.

Setting up tents will offer protection against the elements. Since your guests are no longer sitting directly under the sun, they’ll feel more comfortable and are likely to really hang out and enjoy. In addition, tents give you more flexibility in terms of decorating. You can turn your tented space into anything you desire. The possibilities are endless. 

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